Mars Counter Earth phenomenon and it’s effects on crypto currency: A historical review.

Published: 8/11/23

Jonathan Gray author


The purpose of this article is to review worldwide financial habits, their changes in correlation to the planet Mars and its position to the Sun and Earth. According to the record of bitcoin history, a 23% to 29480% increase in its value, along with a subsequent rise in its base price, aligns with the periodic phenomenon of the planet Mars orbiting behind the Sun from Earth’s perspective. Without Traditional Astrological classifications, an occurrence has been observed in Bitcoin prices during this phenomenon. This article focuses on the mundane effects of this planetary occurrence, rather than traditionally astrological presuppositions. 


For millennia, astrologers have attempted to forecast trends using methods that are commonly practiced in traditional astrology. However, many of these formulas were developed during the Hellenistic period, a geocentric (the Earth being the center of the solar system) scientific era. The calculations are not permitting of the rotation of the planets around and behind the Sun, during which, Earth is obstructed from exposure from one to all planetary bodies at a given time.

In view of the fact that Astrology was developed at the time of geocentric astronomy, Astrological notion of the planets conjuncting or aligning with the Sun was thought to combine the effects of the two heavenly bodies. However, with the understanding of a heliocentric solar system we can deduce that the astrological energies of all planetary bodies, are obstructed by the Sun’s size and energetic magnitude when the “conjunction” places them behind the Sun from Earth’s perspective. 

The observation here is in aligning when Mars is Counter Earth (that is Mars is being obstructed from Earth by the Sun), and the concurrence of a rise in value of Bitcoin. 

Due to the elliptical orbit of Mars path around the Sun, a generalized perspective distance of 30 degree, before and after an exact alignment of Mars and Sun, was chosen from the point of view from Earth. This accounts for an approximate 186 days that Mars was accounted as CE during the chosen dates. Without Traditional Astrological classifications, four of the six events reviewed show a significant increase has been observed in Bitcoin prices during this phenomenon. 


Since its inception, crypto-currency has been available to trade world wide at any given time with immediate accuracy to its value. This broad market includes all countries, markets, and economic classes  with access to the currency; access being to the internet. The currency being digital also allows for currency to immediately portray its own value, therefore showing its to the minute evolution led by human reaction, decreasing or increasing its perceived value. 

Bitcoin was first launched January 9, 2009 while Mars was Counter Earth. This review begins the first time Mars orbited behind the Sun during Bitcoin’s existence, October 10, 2010, in order to show rise or fall during the Mars CE phenomenon. 

The dates chosen for the observation used a 60 degree buffer, 30 degrees from either distance of Mars counter conjunction to the Sun (Mars being directly behind the Sun.) Considering the observation of other planets unique orbits, such as the images of the transit of venus, the wobble of the orbit of Mars, studied in the observation were considered, but not utilized. It is understood that not every time Mars orbits away from Earth that it is in direct circumferential opposition. This would mean that a 30 degree buffer is not always precise in determining full obstruction when the Sun and Mars are at 30 degrees. The phenomenon of axial precession is understood but not figured in with this method. Rather, it is considered that Mars was not visible to Earth during the dates and times presented, and maybe the reason for the observed phenomena.

The financial graphs shown in figures 1-6 were created using information retrieved from multiple sources online. The astronomical data was pulled from astrological applications using the DE-430 ephemeris with dates set to Pacific Standard Time. 



Figure 1: Oct. 10, 2010 to Jun. 23, 2011

10/10/10 – $.10

Conj. 2/4/11 

6/9/11 – $29.58 = 29480%

6/23/11 – $17.51 = 17410%

The first event of Mars CE shows the highest rise in bitcoins value at 29580% increase. The peak of its value happened 8 months into the event less than 2 weeks from the approximate end of the event.  


Figure 2: Dec. 6, 2012 to Aug. 12, 2013

12/6/12 – $5.62

4/9/13 – $213.72 = 3703%

Conj. 4/10/13

8/12/13 – $102.04 = 1716%

The second event shows yet another augmentation of bitcoin’s price. This time the increase happens in close, almost exact, proximity of Mars counter conjunction to the Sun. The only rise of the six events in such proximity of a Sun and Mars Conjunction.

Event 3:

Figure 3: Feb. 15, 2015 to Sep. 19, 2015

2/15/15 – $250.25

Conj. 6/14/15

7/12/15 – $304.84 = 22%

9/19/15- $233.89 = -7%

Event 3 is the exception to the others as the price did rise, yet never reached a 50% increase.

Event 4:

Figure 4: Apr. 15, 2017 to Oct. 23, 2017

4/15/17 – $190.89

Conjunct 7/26/17

10/22/17 – $6,095 = 3093%

10/23/17 – $5,943 = 3013%

In 2017, like 2010, the price rose through a majority of the time of the event. This is the one event that the price continued to increase even after the close of the Mars CE phenomenon rather than arcing during the event.

Event 5:

Figure 5: May 31, 2019 to Nov. 28, 2019

5/31/19 – $8,544

6/26/19 – $12,907 = 51%

9/2/19 – Conjunction 

11/28/19 – $7,442= -13%

This event reached a significant increase in value, but ended lower in price than when it began. Event 3 and Event 5 are the two of the six events that ended with a lower price than when the event began.

Event 6:

Figure 6: Jul. 8, 2021 to Jan. 9, 2022

7/8/21 – $32,877 starting value

10/7/21 – Conjunction 

11/08/21 – $67,566 =106% increase 

1/9/22 – $41,911 =27% increase 

The final event shows a rise shortly after the approximate beginning of the event. The peak of bitcoin’s value continues to be inconsistent with any one position of Mars in relation to the Sun.


Study of the events reviewed here present a possibility that the absence of a Mars presence to Earth may align with a rise in value of Bitcoin, and/or its perceived value by the users of this currency. Although, only four of the two events showed notable increase, the observation of future events of Mars continuing its orbit behind the Sun every 23 month’s approximately, could help explain these phenomena. The next Counter Earth position being August 14, 2023 to March 9, 2024, approximately. 

There are other notable rises and falls in the history of bitcoin, as well as a myriad of other planets that move CE. If the phenomenon of Mars’ absence from Earth’s direct line of view does correlate with a rise in Bitcoin, then the absence of any other planet from Earth’s view may also reveal changes in Bitcoin’s perceived value. 

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